Our Projects

Dragonball Super Abridged Episode 5

Things cool down after the battle with Beerus, but it seems that Goku's new transformation has triggered Vegeta. Tune in to see how Vegeta copes with that fact that Goku is miles above him.

Dragonball GT Abridged Episode 5

We Join our Heroes upon a new planet, in search of the next DragonBall, but end up with more than a few balls on their hands. Tune in to see the antics of kid Goku, Pan and Trunks.

A Similar Universe Episode 2

When we last left off the sayian invaders were having some mild indgestion issues. Well their smell must have been as big as their powerlevels because they've attracted some very passionate guests. Tune in to see the X fighters showdown with the sayian invaders.

Beerus' Quest for love Episode 2

After weeks and weeks of swiping right Beerus has finally found a match! Tune in to see how our furry friend handles this date!

Spongebob: Secret's Out

Spongebob found some incriminating facts about the so called "Secret Formula"