Released March 24 2017

It's that time of the month again! Goku, Pan, and Trunks have crash landed on a strange foreign planet and are now trying to look for a dragonball there while looking for parts to fix the ship. They realize later on that the planet is ruled by a greedy Dictator and their ship is towed away by his men. They have to go and retrieve their stolen ship now or they’re stuck. Cast: Chromeparty-Random merchants, Hotel Receptionist, Hotel Bot, TV narrator, Chanting Citizen, Robot, Male minion, Soldier #2, Don Kia (Editor/Writer) Staunchorphan- Soldier #1, Male Civilian Star Link-Kid Goku BurningAxe-Trunks, Giru, Don Kia Carolina-Pan Aru-Female Minion Adrian(my brother)-Merchant B.uzzo-Random merchant, chanting citizen Looloopaaa-Random merchant and Soldier Khonjin(voice clip)-Soldier special thanks to Hiro No Hero for helping me with the episode. @UYAHUH for the art Social medias: My instagram:https://instagram.com/chromemachine My twitter:https://twitter.com/nintendo1345 my tumblr:http://chromemachine.tumblr.com Music: Goomba Village-Paper Mario Agrabah- Kingdom hearts I Rossini- William Tell Overture- Final Left 4 dead 2- Menu music Spiderman the movie game-Oscorb Alert mode Luigi’s mansion-Catching boo SpongeBob SquarePants Production Music - Life of Luxury Mega man X- Opening stage Deja Vu-Initial D Bowser’s castle-Super Mario World Ending song-Goku victory theme from super smash bros crusades End Card song-Dragon Ball GT Opening - DAN DAN Kokoro Hikareteku(Sorriso Resplandecente) (16bit) All other music comes form DBZ KAI, DBGT, and DBZ
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